Cannabis relaxation

Cannabis relaxation

The packet includes:

3x accommodation with breakfast

3x dinner with the choise of cannabis meals

1x wine Kerner with the cannabis addition

1x cannabis relaxation (cannabis bath, peeling, massage of the whole body with cannabis oil)

Have you ever tried cannabis pasta, baked carp with cannabis seed or for example vegetable risotto with cannabis leaves? Would you like to enjoy our  exceptional wellness programme Cannabis Relaxation?

Don´t hesitate and come to enjoy our packet full of healing cannabis.


Cannabis bath – relaxing bath with the cannabis sativa excract has got the calming, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Peeling – your dead cells will be peeled off and your skin will be able to accept the nourishing substance of cannabis

Whole body massage – Whole body aroma massage and face massage with the cannabis emulsion has got positive effect on skin and painful illnesses.




Hlavni sezona 1.5. - 30.9. a 22.12. - 1.1.,
single room from 6 560 CZK / Person rezervovat
double rooms from 4 980 CZK / Person rezervovat
double rooms de Luxe from 5 910 CZK / Person rezervovat
Vedlejsi sezona 2.1. - 30.4. a 1.10. - 22.12.
single room from 5 900 CZK / Person rezervovat
double rooms from 4 230 CZK / Person rezervovat
double rooms de Luxe from 5 310 CZK / Person rezervovat
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